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Trudy's Own Web Page... Sorta..

Hi Trudster, I guess I'll think of this as a letter to you, more or less.   You will be the only one who has the web site address, and there won't be a link from my page or anything.  So don't be worried, no one else but you and I have seen that  REALLY bad picture of you I couldn't resist adding to the page...  All the pictures are from that one action packed day between flights.. in case you couldn't figure that out!

That's all for now!  Ciao bella!


UPDATE:  July 21/98  Hi again Trud.  I got your message on my answering machine!  Sorry but I had gone to bed already..didn't even hear the phone ring! ;)

I'm really glad to hear you had worked things out.  I was thinking about you a lot.  I'm glad you and Sherwin straightened things out and I hope you are happy!  You deserve to be...  Don't forget that ever.  You DO deserve the best, okay...  And don't settle for less. 

Actually, an online friend of mine wrote an online letter, something like this one, to someone else, not me.  But anyways, what I'm trying to say is that it is a good letter.  You should read it.  It applies more for the 'breakup' mode that you were in...  but it really was interesting for me to read.  I was down and out about sean and all, so this letter kinda inspired me.  I deserve, and WANT, better...  Not that I'm saying Sherwin isn't good enough for you, in fact, FAR from it.  But all relationships take work..  and also go through hard times.  I think things will work out for you...  don't give up!  I hope that you guys can find some geographic middle ground.  I know it's hard being long distance... but hopefully it'll be worth the wait!!  As for Trent, I'll keep my fingers cross for you that you will find the Masters of your dreams.  Although I'm sure you won't need much luck with all the skill behind you!!!

Click  here if you want to read that letter I was talking about.

And anyhow, I'll get off my soapbox for a while here.  Scroll down if you want to see those pics of you that I took...

Talk to you soon! My sprint long distance plan kicks in on July 28 so from there on in I'll pretty much be living on the phone! ;)


Trudy.jpg (23339 bytes) Trudy on the beach.
meandtrudy.jpg (13970 bytes) You've seen this one probably, on my home page.
Jimtrud.jpg (13047 bytes) Jim and Trudy, and that black smudge in the corner is Bendog.
Laurie.jpg (16819 bytes) Laurie and Trudy
Lorie2.jpg (15239 bytes) Laurie and Trudy
Trud.jpg (17593 bytes) Trudy again.... ;)
Hahahhah.jpg (17503 bytes) Hahahhaah..sorry.  This was the picture I told you about on the phone...  I just wanted you to see it, then I'll take it off this page! ;)