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Ben has been chosen as the "Cool Mutt of the Month!"
for Sept. 1998.. Check it out!

My beloved Ben Dog.  Oh what should I say? hmmm...

Ben will be 4 on July 13th(he says to make sure to send lots of presents!).  I adopted him in April of 1995, from the Kitchener-Waterloo Humane Society.  He has reached advance obedience level in 'Dogs in the Park' Dog Training Club.  We have also done some clicker training and Ben can do many many useless pet tricks!  He's adorable. 

Ben and I are really big on CLICKER TRAINING.  It's a positive reinforcement method of training and WOW does it work.  I will try to put together some links on this fabulour method of training ALL animals.  In the meantime, look for 'Don't Shoot the Dog' by Karen Pryor.  You won't regret it!

Well, Ben has been putting on the pounds lately.   Probably cuz he sleeps on my bed ALL day while I'm hard at work earning his keep!  Or it could be, *sob*, cuz he's getting older!

Please see below for some pictures of BEN, the beautiful creature.  To send fan mail to Ben click here.   I really love my dog.  I get teary-eyed just thinking about him...

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Bentig.jpg (14044 bytes) Ben with Andrew's dog, Tigger.   Enjoying the view at Deep Cove in West Vancouver.
Ben at Boundary Bay again.  Poor little Bendog learned the hard way that you DON'T drink salt water!  Ben4.jpg (10735 bytes)
ben_bw.jpg (20375 bytes) An early study of Bendog.   Looking handsome and windblown.
Ben at the park.  ben_bw2.jpg (22227 bytes)

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Ben at Boundary Bay.
Ben in my parents' backyard.  Man he looks really young here.

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Ben2.jpg (22845 bytes)

Ben peaking under the curtain that at one point was my bedroom door!  What a freak!
Ben enjoying a car ride.

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Pic00066.JPG (31290 bytes) One of my first pictures with my digital camera.  Are you worried about how many pictures of Bendog there will be??   Well you should be!  We are currently working on his portfolio. ;)
This picture was much clearer before it was scanned...Oh well.  This is Ben on a gruelling hike at Cascade falls.  He actually had to swim!!! Yikes. Ben_hiker.jpg (20137 bytes)
Ben_swimming.jpg (25627 bytes) Ok.  Even though Ben hates swimming there is the rare moment where he will venture into the water.  Mostly it's to retrieve food.
Yeah..this scraggly looking dog is mine.  Gawd doesn't he have that pathetic-dog look mastered.  Wet_Ben.jpg (28165 bytes)


For those arriving via the Web Ring, please make sure to check out my other pages.  If you are an animal and photography lover, you will enjoy them! 

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