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Well...Here's a bit about the birds.  I have two cockatiels.   Doc is about 15 years old (her history is pretty sketchy), I have had her for almost 2 years.  She's totally wild and afraid of humans but great fun.

Teva, on the other hand, is a monster!!  I hand raised him myself, and I take full responsibility for the monster I've created.  However, he's darn cute and I love him to bits.  He's a white face, and was pearled as well, but lost his pearl markings at his first molt.  I have a couple of pics of Teva for you to enjoy.


Teva on the day he arrived home.   He is about 7 or 8 days old I believe.  Poor little thing was hissing and terribly frightened.  It took him about 2 feedings to catch on though!  He travels very well and enjoys whistling the Andy Griffith theme for HOURS on end... argh! Teva
Teva Teva before his first molt.  You can see his pearl markings here.
The always handsome Teva. Teva again.
Cutie! Here is my first digital image of Teva!  He is a total cutie!
Another picture of Teva!
Doc.jpg (24467 bytes) Here is the one and only picture I have of the miserable Doc.  She loves Teva.. LOVES him but he doesn't give her the time of day!  It's too funny.
tevadoc.jpg (29038 bytes) WOW. Here is the first ever picture of Teva and Doc together outside their cage!!  Doc only comes out when frightened. But seems to enjoy hanging out with Teva no matter where he is.  I'm hoping she'll eventually brave her way onto their little jungle gym.


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