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My two cats live in Ontario with my parents.   I miss them a lot. 

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Toby is a really old cat.  My dad brought him home to 'babysit', and oh, 17 years later he's still here. 

I saw Toby for what I figure will be the last time when I was home for Xmas 1998.  He has been a good cat.  And I'll miss him when he goes.   It's always hard to say goodbye to a pet that has been so loyal...but I guess he's not gone yet.  But he is old...and I'm sure his time will be soon.

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Bob...  what a nerd!  He's a really geeky cat that will only let my mom touch him. 

Bob appeared in our backyard several years ago.. very young, skinny and hungry.  He was already neutered and declawed, but must have wandered away from home.  I allowed him to come into my bedroom window and in no time he had the run of the house...  We always worry somehow, that his 'true' owners will show up and want him back.  I don't think my mom could part with him!