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HI EVERYONE from Up At Six RTC!!

Y'all know that we at RTC have a thing about food!  Here is some of the food we chat about.. and some of us eat it while we chat too.  Makes for sticky mouses and keyboards though! :)  Please feel free to send your chat food contribution to for posting here! :)



candy1.jpg (100073 bytes) We all know who THIS belongs to! :)
eggdropsoup.jpg (140196 bytes) Some weirdo from chat scanned this crazy dish.  If it wasn't labelled we'd sure wonder what the heck she was eating! :)  Tapeworms anyone?   YUM!  hehehhehe
KFC.jpg (129449 bytes) Here someone was too chicken to dare scan this directly but put down the safety of a layer of saran wrap for safe scanning.
snacks.jpg (42415 bytes) Ok.. this is MINE.  I sometimes eat it plain...or with cheese or peanut butter. I love melba toast!!!
bolognasand.jpg (137933 bytes) This late breaking arrival..from you guessed it.. the same Lady who eats tapeworms!! hehehehehe..  If you don't know who this is by now you MUST get to RTC and chat with us some more!!!  She's a regular!!
mm.jpg (37967 bytes) This recent contribution is from Molly.  She says all she ever eats is Green M&M's!!  You go girl! :)
aero.jpg (47815 bytes) YUM.  This is one of MY all time favourite snacks.   I like the mint Aeros better but they are VERY rare.  You gotta buy a bunch when you ARE lucky enough to find em!!  Hmmm...  do ya see a common theme here in these foods??  Chocaholics Anonymous anyone?
TCAcandy.jpg (37078 bytes) OOPS.  I forgot to add TCA's chocolates.  She MADE these.  Just look at all that hard work, and they'd last 2 seconds before I'd eat em!!!  Nice work TCA! :)
POPCORN.jpg (97833 bytes) This is from Lori D and Pro.  :)  Good work on the scanning, guys!
chocho1l.jpg (174385 bytes) Brooks.. our fellow chocaholic...  sent us a pic of what his fix looks like..  The syringe is for mainlining it!!  hahahhaa!   Too weird, Brooks!!!
From Bobbie again... some very cute chocolate mice!
cookies.JPG (244743 bytes) THANKS to MOLLY for baking these cookies just for ME :)   Luv ya Molly!!!!

Click here to chat with us food obsessed goofs! :)  Oh and sometimes we talk about birds too!

Check out the database of RTC chatters I'm trying to compile.. Send in your info ASAP!!!