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Online Friend

I have a little group of friends,
As dear as they can be.
I love them all, but sad to say,
Most I'll never get to see.

The only claim I have is that
When I feel sad, alone or blue,
I get on line, Play wav's and chat.
And maybe find someone who feels it too.

They give love And support,
Opinions and such,
Which I can take or ponder much,
But...sometimes I round a bend
And LoL I'll make a brand new friend.

Feel bad, or sad?
Just plain sick?
Got an attitude or habit You want to kick?
"Its ok", your friends will say,
"We've all been there before,
A time or two, just like you".

We know the ups, the downs,
The highs, the lows,
The "I-could-kill-that-so-n-so's".
The pain and strain,
Of getting through
The leave-takings without adieu.

We've seen it all,
the been-theres done-thats,
We've worn all the different hats,
That makes us each uniquely "us",
And when we want to make a fuss,
We come online and find
The equalizers,
The friends, who become our sympathizers,
Who know, And feel,
And wish, And pray,
When you both know
there is nothing more to say--

But an online friend
Will say it anyway.
All wrapped up in a Warm Hug!

-author unknown

Hello to all Bird Chatters:

This page is compiled to the best of my abililties to try and summarize a little bit of info about people who chat at  UpAtSix, because we know it CAN be very confusing.  I'd love to include everyone, so make sure to send the URL to everyone you can and encourage them to write to me! 

Please send me the following information to be included in our 'database':

  1. Your Name
  2. Chat Name
  3. Birds you own
  4. Where you live
  5. Your favorite food
  6. Any comment of your choice 

Happy chatting BirdBrains!!!

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P.S.  You might be interested in checking out my CHAT FOOD page! :)  All our favorite food to chat about!  Who said we only talk birds!?

Chat Name Real name (optional) Birds (species & name) Locality Fav. Food Comments: (subject to editing by ME cuz I own the page! )
Allie Allie Tiel -Teva
Tiel -Doc
(Recently deceased and dearly missed, Moluccan 'Too - Penny - Thanks to everyone for all their support and kindness.)
British Columbia, Canada Heavenly Hash Ice Cream There folks.. I started ya off.  Let's get the database up and running! :)
Bev Bev B&G Macaw, (Jewel), CAG (Taigen), Patagonian Conure (Patty), pearl tiel (buddy) blue budgie (misty) and a blue black masked love bird named (ebony) Maritimes, Canada cream cheese queen, MARMITE RULES!
Birds Dru Pets
CAG -    / RJ
    CAG - / Sovee
    M2 - / Niki
Rosellas, Af. Ringneck, Scarlet chested keetd
    Tiels, Lovebirds.
SanDiego, CA Seafood, Steak, Pumpkin Pie.. I have met a lot of fun Bird People in Chat. Keeps me smiling.
Bobbie Bobbie (Greys: Curly Jo, Rosie Girl, Viola, Sampson,,,)
(U2: Gadget,,,,,)
(M2: Cotton Candy,,,,,)
(SC Too: Mr.Big & KeKe)
(Catalina Macaw: Ugh)
(Green Wing
Macaw: ToToe)
(8 Tiels: Tonie & the others :-))
(Dove: Pee Weaker)

(Gouldian Finch: Mr Gould)
Arkansas, USA I'll eat anything that doesn't move & if it doesn't move too fast, I'll catch it & eat it anyway LOL I love to make people laugh :-)
Bookbird Melody Birds: breeders; U2s, G2s, CAGs,
BFA. Also pets;Cag,Merlin. 2 canaries, Petie and Butch
Brooks Brooks Leo (aka Buddyboy) Bare Eyed 2
Peaches (aka Poo) Goffin 2
Nomad (aka Baby Nomad) Citron 2
Ester (aka Sweet Ester, or Harpo) CAG
Beastie (aka Puppy) Camelot CAW
Pasadena, CA "good food that I don't have to prepare or clean
up" also Byers Ice Cream
David Female Solomon Island Eclectus - Lucey,
Congo African Grey - Scarlett
Upper New York State, USA
Ben & Gerrys
Cherry Garcia Ice Cream
Precious & Adorable !!! heheheeeeee
Cheryl and Woody Cheryl and Woody We raise Amazons (all kinds), pionus, meyers and eclectus and also have B&G,
M-2, CAG's and various Amazons as pets.

Oklahoma Mexican and Barbeque Woody's quote is "You gotta do what you gotta do".......mine
is.....ummmmm....well I'm not sure yet, but that's not my quote....I'll let
you know.
Chip Chip lovebird "taz"; greencheek conure "kramer"; sun conure "gonzo";
jenday conure "scooter"; indian ringneck "kiwi"; and Blue & Gold macaw
Columbia SC
Cindy Cindy greenwing macaw Zazu
Umbrella cockatoo Angel
cherryhead conure Cherry
teils Tweet, Spanky and Cinnimon
2 finches jack and jill
Chattanooga Tennessee
Colorado April and Michael Jack- grey tiel,
Petrie- cinnamon pied tiel
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Craz4brd Christine Female Solomon Island Eclectus, (chile) a male
red sided Electus(Zu), an female sulpher crested Too (barbie) , 4 tiels,
2 buddgies
Santa Barbara Calif
Cyberbird Edith 1. Umbrella Cockatoo -(DJ)
2.Red Sided Eclectus -(Lexie)
3. CAG. - (Taiko)
4. 3 Amazons (yellowcrown,Captain) RedLored (Skippy) and Greencheek
5.Tag - (Gordy)named after jeff gordon
6.Parrolet (Cricket)
7. Indian Ring neck (Clancy)
8.Deformed tiel (Funny Face)
9.Bluecrown Conure (Paulie)
10.COCKATIELS (pez, Stormy,Jane, buck ) as pets and i also have 2 pair
of breeding ringnecks and 5 pair cockatiel breeders
Dana Dana Tiki, a Scarlet Macaw San Diego CA USA pizza Spoil those pets! They deserve it! :-}
Dolores Dolores Holly a CAG
Waddles a B&G macaw
Pittsburgh PA No favorite food My
parrots are like my children, I love them unconditionally!!
ducky Terri Hopes to have a Quaker soon! Bedford Heights, Ohio I am looking forward to getting to know evferyone on RTC better,
cause they are a nice bunch of folks.
Freeman David 2 pair of Alexandrines one Pair of Lutino Indian Ringnecks One Pair of Green Indian Ringnecks Australia New South Wales (Central Coast)
Imort Elsa Greys, capes jardines mantels South Africa
Jbirdy Julie rainbow lory-Tweetie, Godlies lory-Goldy, Sulpher
2-Cuddles, BFA-Tango
Maryland, USA apple
and cherry pie
Love talking with you all.
Jo S and Silent One Meyer Parrot
called Weiner
Jo S: Aussie Food, SO:
Anything that isn't moving..
It's all a lie.. Bobbie didn't start it TCA did.!!!!!
Julia Julia KoKoMoe (Kooky) CAG (rescue)
Sonny Sunshine (sun conure)
Sweet Thing (Quaker)
Chandler ( Grey Cockatiel)
Noisy, Ruffles, Fawn, Gloria, Snowball, Patches and offspring(Zebra Finch) (Breeders
Retired)Merlin (Gouldian Finch)
Sweet song (Society Finch)
Sol, Skye, Zeus, and Athene (Parakeets) Pet/breeders...Kris ( Morning Dove) (rescue.)
Storm, and Luna ( Diamond Doves) (rescue)
Daffodil (Sun Conure)
Beauty and Beast ( breeder Peach Front Conures)
St. Louis, Missouri Diet Coke " Learning how to care for a animal is step one of owning any pet. Step two
is realizing that you don't own the pet, They Own You!"
Julie0 Julie two grey tiels, Willow and Rory and a lutino tiel, Inca Prince Rupert, British Columbia **I am looking for Western Rosellas**
Junebug June One Pied 'tiel and one Grey 'tiel British Columbia Smoked Oysters and dark chocolate not
necessarily eaten together unless very late at night!!!
I've also been known to eat anything that I can sprinkle Louisianna Hot
Sauce on top of!
Kit Kit lovebird named Shadow South Houston, TX, USA gumbo, boudin "Never try to teach a pig to sing, you don't get anything accomplished and you annoy the pig."
Lori D.



Lori CAG (Loki, my sweetheart) 4 tiels (pied female, Beaker cinnamon pearl, Billy cinnamon pied, Butch whitefaced, Buddy)
Quaker (Kiwi)
Peach-faced Lovebird (King)
a pair of breeder TAGs (Heckle & Jeckle)
Northeast Ohio Outback Rack (RARE), Porterhouse or T-bone steak (also RARE) and SHRIMP!

(aka Seriema)

Susan Tiels ice cream, pizza,
chocolate and mexican food
I love all animals and have a four
month old son
M & B Mike and Bridgette Tiel called Norman,  Crimson Rosella called Elmore New Zealand
Marie Marie Blue & Gold Macaw: BJ
BareEyed Too: Pippen
Lutino Tiel: Honey Hawk
Grey Tiels: Silver Hawk, Ophelia
Central Florida Friday nite Bartender Great to have soooo many online friends!
Mary Mary Birds.....Red Vented Too...Chomper,Mitred Conure....Bozzo, CAG...Cleo, Blue Front Amazon...Muffin, Quaker...Batman, Tiel...Softy,
DYH Amazon...Okie..From Cheryl and Woody soon to come home !
Wisconsin, USA
Mitch Michelle White cap pionus called Tango Ontario, Canada Anything that won't eat me first!!! LOL I have been going to RTC for almost 1 1/2 years now and I have
met some super people there. A couple or so I have met in person and they were great. I was really glad to have met them. I love RTC!!
Molly Pam. M. Cinnamon Tiel-"Mambo" Bismarck, ND All Pastas.., & Popcorn "I wanna be like you"
Nettie Annette Noah:TAG/Sherman:Red bellied/Lucy:tiel Central Virginia PASTA! I love these guys almost as much as my birds!
Nipsy Denise seven budgies and 43 cockatiels. Boaz, Alabama SPAGHETTI! Well, leave that blank until I come up with something that really makes me sound smart! hahaha
Orbiter54321 Sheila Cockatiels - two greys, eight lutinos, including PeeWee Tennessee, USA Pizza Hut supreme pan pizza, cashews, cheetoes, large fried shrimp with tartar sauce...AND STEAK!!! Each choice we make alters our destiny.
Patches Michelle Patches -White face tiel
Buddy-normal gray tiel
Flash -Red factor canary
Skittles -A lilac crown I'll be getting in Dec 98from Cheryl and Woody
Everson, Washington
Phil Phil Redtailed Black Cockatoos, Sulphur Crests, Little and Long Bill
Corellas, Galahs, Major Mitchells,
Eclectus, Lorikeets, Rosellas, Hoodeds and Cockatiels
Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia Any type of Tucker Live life to its fullest, your dead forever!!
Psitacus Donna pets... yellow crowned amazon-Carmen, Timneh
Grey-Mia, Orange faced lovebird-Fish

Breeding Congo greys-Oscar and Bongo, cockatielsTweety, Bonnie, Dannie,
Bozo, Mickey and Sammy, senegals-Sassy and Buster, red Bellied
parrots-Gadget, Gizmo, Isis and Loki and meyers-Figaro and Suzanna

Phoenix, Arizona Mexican food and anything HOT and SPICY! What is life without birds? Till Death do us part!
Robin Robin pet bird - lovebird (Luna)
breeder birds - white face blue/violet and blue/violet
australian cinnamon lovebirds
Wisconsin USA Fudge meltaways,
Rare steak
Roger Roger tiels macaws suns quakers keets budgies
patty Sutherlin
Oregon, USA cheese cake I love to flirt and and have fun with my lady friends
Sandy V. Sandy GD (Big Green Dummy) Quaker, Corky O'Rourke,B&G
Macaw,  Coleter P. Coletrain aka Cole - baby Timneh Grey
Bedford PA
sharon Sharon H. 2 CAGs, Maggie and Pepper
and a goffin 'too, Pearl
NW Indiana
Stella Anita budgie named Lassie, lovebird named Danny Boy Saskatchewan Canada
Steph Stephanie Sun Conure - Baby
Stir Casey Umbrella 'Too - Buster Minnesota, USA chili, chinese steamed dumplings
TAG Slave
Shane Timneh African Grey - Safiya Oregon, USA "I like everything. I'm a pig." "Warning: Flirtatious and Fun"
Tango Gay 5 CAG's Jake, Babe, Tango, Smokey, Chuck
1 TAG Timmy
2 Red Bellies Peco and Benny
Saskatchewan, Canada
Tarazoo Tara Severe Macaw T.C> (stands for Too Cute) Long Island, NY I like Lobster, Ben & Jerry's Coffee Toffee crunch ice cream, CHEETOS, swedish
fish and dark chocolate anything
Life's SHORT eat dessert FIRST
TCA Linda Breeder birds: GWM, ScM, MM, B&GM,SeM, YCM, NM, HM, M2, U2, LSC2, C2,
GCC, BCC, JC, Moust
, Black Headed Caiques and Hawk Headed Parrots

Pet birds: Honey Bear (B&GM), Whitebird (U2), Greenbird (RSE), Woops aka
Woo-Woo (CAG), Pebbles and Bamm Bamm (tiels) and the
triplets...Sophie, Soloman and Lancelot (B&GM chicks just
Florida, USA
Lobster, shrimp, crab, steak I swear it was Bobbie who started it this time...REALLY!
Theresa 6 Lovebirds, 4 Society Finches, 4 Zeba Finches, 5 Canaries, 2 Budgies Red Deer, Alberta Roast Beef, Bread, Chocolate I've made some wonderfull friends. My favorite time is late night with Bobbie,Lori and Mike. They are such a fun bunch!!!!!!
Zookeeper Lisa Two Alexandrines - named Uno and Same
Three Cockatiels - Crackers, Reggie, and Baby
Moustache Parakeet - Opal
Amazon Parrot - Gracie
Wisconsin, USA Shrimp & Pizza