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Hi to all my RTC ((((((((((Friends!!!)))))))))))

Some of you already know I work at a zoo...  Well today I had my first ever visit from one of the kind folks I met at RTC.  Junebug/June/Flower and her Husband Cory came to see my zoo today!!  What super nice people!!!  I had a great time with them.  Here are a few pics I snapped!  Enjoy!

JC1.jpg (53966 bytes)
June and Cory got to meet my SweatPea (a B&G Macaw)!!

JC2.jpg (54909 bytes)
Here they are again, closer up! :)

JCA2.jpg (49355 bytes)
Here I am (Allie) with Cory and June...  SweatPea on my arm.  And 2 un-named GreenWing Macaws on the stick!!

It was great to meet you June and Cory!!!!!!!!  I hope to see you again!!  See you at RTC UpatSix! :)


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